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Feng Shui had become a well-known field around the world. It had strong roots and influence in the Chinese culture. However, how exactly do Feng Shui affect individuals and professionals at the international scale? Despite the strong influence in Asian countries, what are the impacts of Feng Shui in the Western world? Read on to explore on Feng Shui on the International Arena.

Li Ka Shing, the wealthiest Asian in the world – have his house, skyscrapers and offices done with Feng Shui remedies. These do not extend to himself, but his entire family and relatives believe in Feng Shui as well. When Li Ka Shing’s mother pass away, he purposely had his mom’s grave done with Feng Shui remedies. He also rescheduled his mother’s funeral when a Feng Shui master suggested a more appropriate time.
During his early struggles, he believed strongly in Feng Shui, which led to his purchase of a few lands with good Feng Shui location. The rest were history. Li and his family have recently changed their address from Deep Water Bay to Southern District Hill in Hong Kong. The mansion is located in Shou Ji Tianfu, and is made of white marble. The grand house boasts many rooms and a beautiful garden.

The house is spread in the sprawling area of 45000 sq. ft amid the scenic beauty of the ocean park. The house was built by combing to grand mansions and is decorated completely according to Feng Shui.

Donald Trump, the real estate billionaire – he had the entire Trump Tower and his offices done with Feng Shui and constantly consult Feng Shui masters. He has trusted Feng Shui teachings to eliminate negative Chi of his surroundings and to help building his structures in harmony with nature. When it comes to the topic at hand he is famous for saying “You don’t have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work. I just know it brings me money.” Trump reportedly even had Feng Shui principles applied to his Trump Tower building, having it placed facing Central Park in New York because he believed it would increase positive Chi for prosperity and success.

International Prestigious Universities such as Harvard and Cambridge have Feng Shui studies in relate to pseudoscience, philosophies, culture, real estate markets and other intellectual researches. For example, “The Chinese Neolithic: Trajectories to Early States on Feng Shui” and “An Introduction on Feng Shui” Is released by Cambridge University Press in 2004 and 2008 respectively. Ultimately, real estate professionals worldwide recognize the importance of Feng Shui in influencing real estate markets. Real Estate Appraisal for properties with bad Feng Shui characteristics is inclined to be lower of value due to low demand. Environmental scientists, landscape architects, and geographers have researched traditional Feng Shui and its methodologies.

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Asia which is the largest professional organization for property professionals around the world such as chartered appraisers, quantity surveyors and building surveyors held a conference on Feng Shui Aspects on Town Planning and Property Development. Fédération Internationale des Administrateurs de Biens Conseils et Agents Immobiliers or FIABCI International, a French International Real Estate organization also recognizes Feng Shui as an important factor in the real estate industry.

“Feng  Shui  Aspects on Town Planning and Property  Development was discussed in detail even by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, which is the largest professional organization for property professionals in the world.”

Allen Law Kar Po – Hong Kong Billionnaire and CEO of Lobo Investment Group dedicated his success investment to the power of Feng Shui. As published by Forbes, his famous quote was “Pay close attention to Feng Shui, buy very low, and then sell very high.” As one of the richest man in Hong Kong, Law Kar Po first started off as a small-time clothing merchant with his father, before switching to hotel and real estate. Using Feng Shui principles, he was extremely successful and managed to become a billionaire.

Tan Sri’ Lim Goh Tong – the founder of Genting Bhd is a super believer of Feng Shui. From the very early stages, he practiced Feng Shui and ensures that everything in Genting must be in PERFECT order. Even after his success and even till his death, we can see that his grave have Feng Shui properties. Before he achieved fame and wealth, he was told by a Feng Shui Master that the hill of the present day Genting Highlands was very special and whatever Lim decides to do there such as a forest reserve, resort or casino would be successful. He chose to build a casino and the rest were history.
Bill Gates – Chairman of Microsoft Corporation frequently mentioned as a Feng Shui devotee. As it was reported, he chose a perfect natural location and built his home according to the Chinese philosophy principles. His home is located at an ideal point in the hills according to Feng Shui principles, with a mountain behind it to offer protection and support, and a dragon and tiger on each side of the home is believed to energize it. Lake Washington in front of it rounds out the energy.

Disney Corporation – uses Feng Shui techniques but do not advertise them since it gave them a competitive advantage. New York Times reported in 2005 that Walt Disney high positioned executives shifted the entrance door of Hong Kong Disneyland by 12 degrees to allow the theme park to yield maximum prosperity. It was also reported that Disney put a bend in the walkway from the train station to the gate, to make sure the flow of positive energy, or chi, does not slip past the entrance and out to the China Sea.

CEO of Oracle – have his own corporate offices and home done with Feng Shui. The president of Oracle, Larry Ellison, was seen on the television show “60 Minutes” talking about his use of Feng Shui experts for his home and for his company offices. England’s Prime Minister Tony Blair, Michael Caine, Oprah and Madonna have all turned to it.

Gianni Nunnari – Top Hollywood Producer (300 and The Departed – Oscar winner for Best Movie in 2007), consulted a Feng Shui expert for the renovation of his Hollywood Gang Productions offices in Los Angeles. After experiencing the benefits that followed his first Feng Shui consultation he incorporated the principles to his Bel Air home.

It was reported by New York Times 2013 where in New York, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is revamping the subways with Feng Shui elements. Meanwhile, a bridge in Qiongshan, Guangdong was blow up by locals because it seriously violated Feng Shui principles.

Las Vegas Casino Mogul Steve Wynn – the hotel magnet billionaire, in Las Vegas utilizes these wealth producing techniques popular in Southeast Asia and made even more fortune ever since. The Sands Macao which is a casino in Asia, includes a rounded, tower-like hotel structure that the company designed specifically with Feng Shui features. Images of dragons and the Great Wall of China adorn many of the casino’s 1,254 slot machines. Steve said, “For the time being, this is the best casino in China.”

Richard Branson – Tycoon of Virgin Atlantic Airlines. Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Records fame, used Feng Shui principles when decorating his famous “Necker Island” retreat in the Caribbean. Walking toward the main house, you instantly feel relaxed and awash with peaceful calm. The buildings are very open and airy which allows the chi to meander in and through the space with ease.
It should be noted that clear analysis of Feng Shui on these events should be done through proper investigation. Although there are a lot of people who implemented or practiced Feng Shui, only genuine and true Feng Shui can bring positive effects.

Grand Master Tham say “Corporations spent millions on their management and research annually to get ahead of the competition. Why not engage a Feng Shui consultant that will enhance the potential of the firm, its directors and employees permanently?”

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